Halgas Scout Reservation

Questions? Contact Garden State Council - (609) 261-5850. We are not accepting reservations at this time, but are happy to answer your questions.
Halgas Scout Reservation provides your unit the opportunity for a true Leave No Trace Camping experience. For Reservations, please call 609.261.5850


As a pristine area, there is very little infrastructure at Halgas Scout Reservation. This, however, is what makes Halgas an attractive place for units to visit! There are no buildings, bathroom facilities, or potable water sources. Halgas provides units the opportunity to practice their outdoor ethics skills in a pristine/backcountry environment without the hours of driving time and hiking to get there.

Aside from camping, Halgas has a lot to offer units who seek a unique and exciting outdoor program for their youth where they will encounter few other visitors in the 160 acre property.

Nearby attractions include Penn State Forest, Double Trouble State Park, Bass River State Forest, Wharton State Forest, Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, and Island Beach State Park.

Facilities Amenities
  • 160 acres of woods



Call (609) 261-5850 for directions

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