Popcorn Sale 2020

June Update

3 things to do now:

1. Each unit should identify their Popcorn Kernel and update their account in Trail's End (don't have one yet? Contact your District Executive).

2. Each Popcorn Kernel should help their Scout Families establish their Scout's account in Trail's End and make sure that it is associated with their unit. Then, Scout Families can use the Trail's End App to manage their popcorn sale. 

3. Review this PDF of the presentation given during our Virutal Popcorn Kickoffs in early June (It is also linked below). This presentation is packed full of helpful information about this year's sale, the Trail's End App, and more!


To access the Trail's End Popcorn ordering system go to scouting.trails-end.com

Popcorn Training is Available Online at https://www.trails-end.com/unit-training-dashboard

The new popcorn mobile application is available now and a great way to sell from a safe distance.


Key Action

Begin Date

Due Date

Pick Up Date

Pickup Location
8 – 11 a.m.)

Money Due
Online Direct – Early Bird Sale  7/1  7/20 N/A (shipped online) N/A 7/20

August – Early Bird Show-N-Sell 




Rowan Scout Training Center or Riggins Scout Resource Center


September – Show-N-Sell




Gray Trucking

11/21 (+2%)

or 12/5

WaWa Weekend 10/10 – 10/11        

November – Take Order




Rowan Scout Training Center or Riggins Scout Resource Center

11/21 (+2%)

or 12/5


Pick Up Location Addresses (click for Google Maps)

Rowan Scout Training Center, 695 Rancocas Road, Westampton, NJ 08060

Riggins Scout Resource Center, 4468 S. Main Road, Millville, NJ 08332

Gray Trucking, 735 Broad Street, Beverly, NJ 08010  (September Show and Sell Only)

Product Returns

Due To Issues Related To COVID-19, There Will Be No Return of Product This Year

Early Payment is due by November 21, 2020

If you pay early, you will receive an extra 2% in commission.  This will already be reflected in the system.  If you do not pay early, the 2% will be removed and you will have a higher balance due.

Final payment is due by December 5, 2020.

*** This year there is no opting out of prizes.  We are using the Trail's End prize system, which offers Amazon gift cards managed by Trail's End.  ***


Garden State Council Commission Structure

Unit Sales Base Commission Early Payment Total Commission
$40,000 and above     40%
$20,000 and above 37% +2% 39%
$10,000 and above 35% +2% 37%
$5,000 and above 32% +2% 34%
$4,999 and below 31% +2% 33%


Information for Show-and-Sell opportunities through ShopRite, PATCO, and WAWA is not available at this time. 

COUNCIL CONTACT INFO popcorn@gardenstatescouting.org
BaySea District: Joe Robinson



Mahalal District: Jennifer A. Ellis



Old Colony District: Bob Hayes



Quakesen District: Tim Brennan


Quakesen District: Jim Reed


White Horse Disctrict: Patrick Linfors



Facebook Group facebook.com/groups/TEPopcornCommunity
Trail's End App Support teappsupport@trails-end.com
General Support support@trails-end.com